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Orthodontic-Periodontal Connection in Implant Site

Orthodontic-Periodontal Connection in Implant Site
Implant-supported restorations have become an established treatment modality, well accepted by patients and clinicians. Regaining function is now routinely expected, and the focus of patient demand has shifted to aesthetics. Aesthetic restoration of the partially edentulous anterior maxilla can be particularly challenging. The learning objective of this article is to present a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment protocol, developed to establish a foundation for optimal aesthetics in implant…

Author(s): Maurice Salama, DMD;Henry Salama, DMD;Joseph Kelly, DMD
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Orthodontics vs Restorative Materials

Orthodontics vs Restorative Materials
Today's "cosmetically aware" adult patients are seeking out advice and opinions about oral/facial esthetics from dental professionals. Recently, many articles have been published about the "quick fixes" available in esthetic therapy. With the advent of next-generation restorative materials and the ability to predictably bond to remaining tooth structures, some authors advocate composite bonding or veneering of misaligned teeth, rather than orthodontic therapy. Composite bonding or veneering are…

Author(s): Maurice Salama, DMD
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