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Orthodontic Treatment as a Prelude to Dental Implant-Supported Restorations

Orthodontic Treatment as a Prelude to Dental Implant-Supported Restorations
Adjunctive orthodontic therapy is tooth movement that either facilitates other dental procedures necessary to control periodontal disease, or changes tooth positions that are not conducive to long-term oral health. Such therapy restores proper occlusal function and provides a healthy foundation for an aesthetic smile. When adjunctive orthodontic therapy is utilized. as part of a multidisciplinary dental team treating complex restorative cases, such as those involving the use of prosthetically guided…

Author(s): Lee H. Silverstein, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD;Marc E. Moskowitz, DDS, David Kurtzman, DDS
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Adjunctive Orchestrated Orthodontic Therapy

Adjunctive Orchestrated Orthodontic Therapy
The altruistic goal of any cosmetic dental rehabilitation is the re-establishment of a healthy maintainable aesthetic functional interface from an otherwise damaged dentition. To this end, a multi-disciplinary treatment plan is necessary to fulfill the periodontal, orthodontic, maxillofacial and cosmetic requirements for a healthy, stable dentition that has a favorable long-term prognosis. This comprehensive treatment approach strives for the constituent components of the dentition to have a proper…

Author(s): Lee H. Silverstein, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD;Gene Witkin, DDS
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